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Sending E-Mail with GMail-Alias in Apple Mail

It took me while to find the right solution here as it’s not obvious.

Say you own and use that as alias in your GMail account It’s easy to choose you address as the from address in the GMail Web Interface, but how to hell do you get this enabled in Apple Mail.

Just put in, into the E-Mail address field of  GMail Account settings in Mail.

Next time you write a mail you’ll notice a drop-down menu for the From field in the editor.

That’s it.

Importing multiple GPX tracks into Endomondo

Endomondo is my single source of truth for exercise stats and I use the app for all kinds of sports. However sometimes I enjoy a run with Zombies Run! or track hikes with MotionX GPS.

So from time to time I need to import tracks from those apps into Endomondo. Unfortunately you can only upload one GPX file at a time. Luckily Endomondo supports GPX files containing multiple tracks.

In order to eliminate the tedious task of uploading tracks one by one I was looking for a way to combine them into one GPX file.

The topic has been covered in many forums, but most of the solutions where not really slick or did not work on Mac OS X.

Finally I found GPSbabel that did what I wanted in a efficient way.

Just drop all your downloaded GPX files into the input field give the export file a name in the output field and hit OK. That’s it. Now you have just one file to import into Endomondo.

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